Fire on the Water: Documentary Depicts Protests at Standing Rock

          Oil has spilled onto the the water and it has caught fire.  That vision is the opening

sequence of  Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock, which is a documentary about the

protests over the proposed oil pipeline under the the Missouri River.   It is directed by

Josh Fox, James Spione,  and Myron Dewey.  Through narration and interviews with the

protesters, the film shows what is being put at risk, as well as the  Sioux’s deep

connection to  water and the Earth.   It is a connection that has largely been lost in

modern day culture.

            The film also exposes the frequent violence by police in attempts to remove the

protesters.  There are several depictions of the use of mace and pepper spray to force

them to leave.  Nevertheless, the protesters were adamant that they would rmain

peaceful and called themselves the “water protectors.”

             Though the film ends  on a largely somber note,  it is at the same time  hopeful

because the protests in Standing Rock inspired similiar actions around the globe,

incuding Oklahoma,  Florida,  France, Spain, and the United Kingdon, when other water

supplies were in jeopardy.   Through this, this film shows that it is possible to awake from

the dream of destruction and be empowered.






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