Welcome to The Nature Journal

Do you want to know more abour renewable energy? Are there plants and animals

in danger because of invasive species? What about air and water quality?

Welcome to the first installment of The Nature Journal, which will look at these and

many other questions concerning the environment.

My name in Sara Graham.  I hold a degree in English with a Concentration in

Environmental Studies.  I have always had a great love of both writing and the

environment, thus leading me to start this blog.   In the beginning, I plan to make it a

biweekly  blog and eventually move to a weekly one. I will write about a number of

topics, including pollution, endangered species, and alternative energy.  These are

complex issues which affect everyone.  However, they often get limited press coverage

and are frequently simplified, without showing the full ranges of perspectives.  In my

blog, I hope to write articles  which look at all sides of an issue as well as create dialogue

as to how to meet the challenges our planet faces.  I hope you’ll join me every week for

inspiration and a greater understanding of the natural world.


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